Sunday, March 16, 2014


It's 10:00 a.m.  The tropical air is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit with about 70% humidity. People have been lined up since 6:00 a.m. waiting to have their eyes examined and receive free glasses.

This is how our first two days of Eye Vision Clinics in Ghana began.  They were more successful  then we could ever have imagined.

Each person who made the journey to "Church On The Rock" was excited and expectant. Receiving a basic eye care exam and eyeglasses is not financially possible for most of them.

The third Eye Vision Clinic was held at the Baptist  Schools Complex and Orphanage (BASCO) where the children had never received any type of eye care.

The team of local volunteers were invaluable as they registered and hosted the people, translated into the local language, and even took over dispensing eye glasses.   Local Ghanaian eye doctors and nurses gave of their time and training to provide more in-depth eye exams for many.

Facts and figures cannot capture the joy when people look through their new glasses, and exclaim "It's so clear! I can read my Bible!"

However, we do want to show you the number of lives touched through this simple, yet profound, outreach of love.

Church on The Rock - Community Outreach
  • People Seen: 144
  • Glasses Given Out: 106
  • Referred for Serious Condition: 6 (Glaucoma and Cataracts)
  • Referred for Counseling: 32 (Salvation)

BASCO Orphanage
  • Children Seen: 86
  • Glasses Given Out: 12
  • Prescription Eye Medication Prescribed and Purchased: 41
  • Referred for Serious Conditions: 10
  • Received Surgery: 3
Because of your generous giving we were not only able to provide eye glasses for those who needed them, but also the prescription eye drops for the children.  

Ten of the children have seen an Eye Specialist for more serious conditions.  Three received surgery and were prescribed custom eye glasses.  These additional costs will all be covered because of your wonderful generosity.

Thank you for your heart in giving. Thank you to our Church Family in Ghana who picked up the vision for the clinics and gave their time and energy to make it a success.

Thank you for blessing  'the least of these'. (Matthew 25:40)

With Grateful Hearts - Gary and Pat

Patiently Waiting
Prescription Eye Drops
Receiving Spiritual Counsel

Satisfied 'Customers'

Checking the Eye