Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Living this New Year - '24' Hours at a Time

I love the focus that a new year brings.  Think about how carefully you handle something new:  for example when you get a new cell phone you are very conscious of how you are using it and where you keep it; you get a cover and a screen protector for it.    You are very  aware and careful – because it’s new. It has a higher value than the ‘old’ item that you replaced. You want to protect your investment.

We have been given a new year - 2024.  At the beginning of each year, we tend to think about what we want to accomplish during the year, making resolutions and plans. Yet as the months go by, how often do we become careless with our time and allow ourselves to drift through our weeks without focus – without purpose.

I want to challenge you to look not at the ‘year’ 2024 – but at ‘24 hours’. Every 24 hour day is a gift to be cherished and wisely lived. 

As we walk through life with Jesus, continually refocusing our hearts and minds on Him, we will have ups and downs.  But as we look back on our journey we should see an overall upward trajectory – from glory to glory, higher and higher, drawing closer to His heart.  Be encouraged that there is purpose even in your pain.  Difficulties propel us upwards, because they draw us closer to the heart of God.  Our ultimate goal is to know Him, to be transformed into His image, and to bring glory to His name.  

That’s the purpose for each of our lives.  Without a vision, the people perish. (Proverbs 29: 18 KJV) Without hope, faith wavers, without purpose, we drift.  

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He also has planted eternity in men’s hearts and minds [a divinely implanted sense of a purpose working through the ages which nothing under the sun but God alone can satisfy] ....  Ecclesiastes 3:11 AMPC 

Live each '24 hours' of 2024 with expectancy.  Confident because we serve a God who is with us; a God who is for us; a God who is working on our behalf.

Gary and I are blessed to be living in India for the majority of the year.  Our purpose  – to share the love of Jesus.  However and wherever he leads us. 

What’s ahead in our ’24? 

  • Continuing to live and minister in India 
  • Gary will be teaching a 2-week Pastor's Training Course in Hyderabad in the state of Telangana, in southern India
    • He will also be speaking at Sunday church meetings there
  • We will both be travelling to Sri Lanka in March 2024

~ The Journey Continues ~ Pat

Just a few of the smiles you are responsible for on
the faces of these little ones that Jesus loves. 
Thank you is never enough.