Sunday, September 7, 2014


In less than one month Pat and I will be flying to Sri Lanka, a small island nation off the southern tip of India. It seems like only yesterday we were in Ghana!

Our contacts have sent us our itinerary and it will be a full month.   Both Pat and I believe it will be a very rewarding and fruitful time.  Our schedule at this time includes:

 10  Eye Clinic Medical Outreaches
  4   Evening Prayer Services
  4   Healing Conferences
  4   Revival/Healing Weekend Crusades
  4   Sunday Church Services

It was so exciting to see how well the three eye clinics in Ghana went, and we are believing for a greater multitude to be affected physically and most importantly spiritually with these outreaches.   We are taking over 400 pair of glasses!

Sri Lanka is a Accessed Restricted Nation with Christians in some areas experiencing  persecution.  We strongly ask for your prayers for the Pastors and Leaders we will be working with.  Some of them have been beaten and their churches burned down - but they are still faithfully laboring  in the harvest field.

Pat and I are believing God for:
. Many to receive salvation, healing and deliverance.
. To impart hope and the love of Jesus to the heart of this nation.
. The presence of God to be in every meeting.

We would love for you to join us in these prayer requests and any other the Holy Spirit may lay on your heart.

Catch you later!

Gary and Pat

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