Saturday, June 27, 2015


Most of our mission trips are to developing or third world nations.  The greatest need we see is the need for hope. Hope that someone cares and the current situation can and will be changed for good.

Eternal hope is the love of Jesus.   Earthly hope takes many forms to express that love.

The following report was shared by our Cambodian Missionary contacts John and Sotey Yoder.  As you read it - please accept their thanks - and ours - for your part in bringing hope to this young child.

Little Piseth from Bird's Nest (Flooded) Village, who was paralyzed by medical malpractice when he was only 6 months old,  received a new wheel chair today (June 18, 2015) from Christ through the generosity of Gary & Pat Richards with Greater Works Unlimited (who noticed the bad condition of his old chair during their recent visit in March), and Lourdes Cabanes; who recently visited his village with a mission team from the Philippines.

Piseth's new chair is built with an actual cushioned seat for better comfort, with lots of room for growth spurts.

Everyone was all smiles as Piseth was loving 
his new ride,  and Sotey & Tye Roath 
were blessed to be able to bring it to him in person. 

Piseth inherited his old chair from 
an uncle who died a few years back. 
Eventually the frame was broken down, 
and the wheels were practically frozen.

Piseth and his family live in Bird's Nest Village
which floods just about every year. 
When we first came here in 2011, most of the houses 
were partially under water.  Partnering with another 
organization and generous donors overseas, 
we've rebuilt nearly every home in the village, 
high above the water level.

The old & new chairs. Amazing how just $100.00 
can make such a big difference in someone's life.

From the Least of These we say "Thank you" ~ Gary and Pat

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