Wednesday, February 24, 2016

And Then There Were Two

As you continue to follow our journey here,  you will quickly notice that you are hearing  a different voice.
After two wonderfully busy, productive, adventurous weeks - Cyndy left this tropical paradise to return home to the snow covered mountains of Montana. 
She will be posting about the amazing Sri Lankan food, as well as a few thoughts on debriefing and returning to life at home.
Gary and I have the honor to continue serving in SL for another 2 weeks.
Part of the week, we are based in Moratuwa,  along the shore of the Indian Ocean, and this week enjoyed the beauty of the full moon just before dawn. Yesterday included an early morning walk around the neighborhood.  Banana stalk missing it's blossom - probably picked to make banana blossom curry.
Each full moon is a national holiday (Poya) in Sri Lanka, providing many workers with time a day off for family time.
During Monday's eye clinic, it was a joy to see the local Sri Lanka team smoothly running the clinic as they have without us during the past 1.5 years.  The running joke is that we have ' infected' them with the eye glass 'bug'.
Our goal has always been that people would not depend  on us.  But that we would be able to leave tools and resources that would support and strengthen the work they have been doing for so many years in their homeland.
Evening meeting at Adara Sevana where hungry hearts gather to worship the Lord, hear the teaching from the Word of God,  and receive prayer.
Note the multi purpose of this room .... meeting hall, class room and garage.  Land is used to its maximum capacity, and dedicated garage space would be a great luxury
It's Thursday evening. We just finished the 6+ hour drive across Sri Lanka, to Biblie in the Monaragala District, where we will hold eye clinics and services this weekend.
Thank you from the depths of our hearts for you continued love, prayers and support ~ Pat

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