Monday, November 6, 2017

Quick Report - Weekend #4

Since my energy level has been low, I find myself napping rather than summarizing events of this past week. 

Please forgive the brevity of this overview, and stay tuned for details and photos. 

Weekend #4 wrapped up Sunday evening with a six hour drive back to home base. Thursday through Sunday was spent in the Buttala area, which has had a lot of persecution and unrest.

Praising the Lord that the eye clinics Friday and Saturday were successful with 256 people seen for eye exams, and 211 pair of glasses given.  We had Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and Christians all come. In fact Friday's clinic was in a partially constructed home of a Buddhist man!

Overall this trip has had the largest and most successful eye clinics. During 9 clinics, 1,023 people had eye exams, and 838 received eye glasses.  All at no cost to them, through your generosity.

Thank you for all the loving prayers and support. Each if you are important to us and the Lord.     Gary & Pat

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