Sunday, March 25, 2018

Behind the Scenes Preparation

What a fun time we had on a Saturday in March, when a dozen friends gathered at our home for an eyeglass sorting party.

They were lured in by the promise of 'Friends,  Food & Fellowship - with a purpose.'

The day was spent, sorting, labeling and organizing eye glasses and frames donated over the past few months.

Praying that each pair will make a difference in someone's life

Although our next overseas Mission trip is a few months off, the preparation is ongoing.

To see where these donated eye glasses may end up - why not come along with us to an Eye Glass Clinic in Sri Lanka.

(NOTE: If you have trouble viewing this video - please go directly to Sri Lanka 2017 Video.)

There is a sense of excitement as we look forward to our next trip.  Our hearts are grateful for each person who gave of their time and energy. And for each one who prays and gives so that we can sahre Jesus' love with the Least of These.

Blessings and love - Pat & Gary

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