Monday, March 16, 2015


Hanoi, Vietnam - Youth Conference

Wet season in the northern part of Vietnam means it was raining and drizzly during our time there.  The city's many lakes and lush manicured public  gardens are a relaxing contrast to the crowded city streets.

Twenty six youth leaders gathered from various churches in the city, and towns up to 30 miles away. Traveling mostly on busses, many stayed over night in the church house, sleeping on thin foam pads on the floor.

The focus during these three days was intimacy with God. How to develop a closer, more personal relationship with Him.  Based on His great love for us, and not our works.

One session hit home as it focused on our priorities. We were all challenged to ask: Where we spend our time. Are we more intimate with social media than with God.  While Internet, TV, phones, and social media can be good tools, do we allow them to take priority in our lives. It was a  time of personally talking to the Lord, then a prayer of repentance and asking Him to help us prioritize our lives.

On the second afternoon, we prayed individually over each person, speaking God's promises into their lives.  Many received prophetic words and later shared how their hearts were encouraged and strengthened.

It was very humbling to hear their prayer requests, and realize that while these young people have so little material wealth; their hearts are rich deposits of God's love for their families and villages.  What a privilege on the last day to have these amazing, sold out young people lay hands on and pray for us.

The church in northern Vietnam has a strong committed 'Joshua' generation to carry on the work of God. Thank you for your love, prayers, and support as we follow the call to encourage them.  

The adventure continues ... Pat and Gary

  ~ ~ ~ ~ Please note : For their protection, facial features have been obscured.

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