Thursday, September 13, 2018

Team India 2018 ~ A Prayerful Send-off And Safe Arrival

Team India 2018 received a prayerful send off from Meadows Fellowship, home church to three of the team members.

As Pastor Ronnie, the church elders and congregation laid hands and prayed for the India team, a surge of love and support lifted each of our hearts.

Then we wheeled our suitcases filled with outreach material across to Children's Church for sincere prayers spoken in faith from tender hearts.

Countless hugs, blessings and homemade cookies rounded out the day.
Early the next morning we began our fifty (50) hour journey from Las Vegas, Nevada to Bagdogra West Bengal, India. Five flights took us from Las Vegas to San Francisco, through Tokyo, Japan: Bangkok, Thailand; Kolkata, India and finally to Bagdogra where we were warmly welcomed by our Indian Family who will host us during our time here.

The Journey Continues ~ Pat


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