Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Vignettes From a Rooftop

Early morning views from the rooftop where we enjoy our quiet time, provide an insight into daily life of the residents.

Many homes in Village Shantipur  (near Siliguri, West Bengal India) are modest 1 or 2 room concrete structures with tin roofs extending over a portion of the yard used as an outdoor room.  This serviceable space is used for  personal hygiene, cutting vegetables, dish washing, laundry and escaping the heat of the day. 

We discreetly observe and marvel at the myriad of life stories playing out before us:

  • Neighbors unlock the front gates to their yard and stop to greet each other. 
  • A wandering cow is lead into the yard for milking and feeding.
  • Three ladies dressed in well-worn, once-colorful saris chat as they walk to their place of service as house maids. (Another bicycles past with her chunni scarf streaming behind)
  • A father taking a early morning walk with his toddler balances his older son's bicycle.
  • A pair of men in sweat pants and white sneakers chat animatedly on their morning walk. 
  • A young boy skips alongside his mother, twirling the market bags. 
  • Bells and chanting from Hindu worshippers mingle with birdsong greeting the dawn. 
There is a coolness and peace at dawn that dissipates as the sun rises and the pace of daily life takes over. 

May your day start and end with the blessing of Heaven's peace.     The Journey Continues ~ Pat

Modest Family Home

View to the West

Looking Southeast 

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