Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Twenty-First Century Contrasts

Marketed by The Directorate of Tourism 
as "Incredible India" this is truly a vibrant and varied land. 

Second in population only to China with 1.3 billion people, India has one of the fastest growing global economies.

As education and technology increasingly connect India with the rest of the world, a growing middle class and techno-savvy generation is moving much of India forward with development, modernization and increased per capita income.  

It remains a land of stark contrasts:

Many people have cell phone  - service is both inexpensive and unreliable.

Women and children continue to haul water home from public spigots.

Newly affordable family owned cars clog narrow streets designed for rickshaws and carts. 

Clothes are washed in the river and laid out to dry on any elevated surface. 

Bright modern malls have risen in the middle of long-standing slum areas. 

India has captured our heart.  Each life is precious to the heart of God.  Our prayer is that the light of His love will continue to reach into every corner of this nation with His eternal hope.

Jai Mashi - Praise the Lord.  Pat


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  1. Just caught up on your last two posts (the good eats post sustained me for a while - hah!). Thanks so much for sharing impressions and images, and for obeying the call to do your piece of the work in India.