Wednesday, November 26, 2014


"Not to us O Lord, not to us but to Your  name give glory, for Your mercy and loving kindness and for the sake of Your truth and faithfulness."  (Ps. 115:1 Amp.)

As we enter the Holiday Season, Pat and I cannot help but reflect on all that the Lord has done and provided for during the past year. To Him be all the glory!  We are so thankful  for each one of you - our ministry partners who have given, prayed and have had a part in all that was accomplished.

It is good to specifically remember what the Lord allowed us to accomplish this past year. There is much for all of us to be thankful for as the Lord receives all the glory.

During this past year, the Lord has enabled us to share His compassion and touch lives in many different ways.

In Ghana &  Sri Lanka - during 14 Eye Vision Clinics :
 .   983  People Seen
 .   743  Pairs of Glasses Given Out
 .     16  Referred for Serious Conditions (Glaucoma and Cataracts)
 .       9 Received Surgery
 .     44  Received Eye Medication
Each person who had their eyes checked were prayed for in the name of Jesus and received His loving touch.

Working with others that share God's heart for the world, financial support was given for:
. Rescuing five girls from Human Trafficking in Cambodia.
. Young girls to go to school in Cambodia.
. Forty boys and girls in Jamaica to have a Christmas party and gifts. 
. Children in Sri Lanka to have a Christmas party and receive gifts.
. Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes for children in Nepal, Indonesia and Peru.
. Providing two Sewing Machines for Sustainable Income in Cambodia.
. Providing livestock for Sustainable Income in Bangladesh and China.
. EyeVision Clinic Training Manual, supplies and 95 pair of glasses for Sri Lanka.

. Young missionary woman serving  with CRU Global Missions in Europe
. Missionaries and Pastors in India and  Sri Lanka to continue their outreach of service.
. Church construction in Ghana and Sri Lanka.
. Bibles supplied to underground churches in Access Restricted Nations in S.E. Asia.
. Financial support for the Persecuted Church in the 10-40 Window.
. Support  to churches in Montana for evangelism.
. Church meetings, radio programs and healing Crusades in the U.S., Ghana and Sri Lanka.  
. Souls, saved, healed and delivered. 

This is Body Ministry. Without your help Pat and I know these things would not have been accomplished.   You are an important part in bringing the Good News of Christ's love to those that are less fortunate. Thank You! 

Have a Wonderful and Grateful Holiday Season!  
Blessings from our thankful hearts - Gary and Pat

"Thanksgiving Splendor" Courtesy of Cyndy Hull
Stay Tuned: In January we will be sharing details of our trip to 
Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand this coming February and March.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Most people find statistics dry, uninteresting, even boring.  Movies, pictures, action - that's what we all like.

When the numbers represent people, families, lives that have been impacted by the love of God - it's the most exciting thing in this world.

Here's what you need to know:

  • During 4 weeks in Sri Lanka,  we held 11 Eye Vision Clinics
  • Performed 763 Eye Exams and gave away 625 Pairs of Glasses

Those pictures you were looking for - right here!  Watch this two minute video.

 (If you are having trouble seeing this video - click here: 2014 Sri Lanka Eye Clinics  )

During Wednesday's Assembly of Believers (AOB) at our home church, Meadows Fellowship, we were honored to share Part One of  our trip report.  Here's the link to listen in:  Sri Lanka Trip Report - Part One

There's more to come.  May your heart be encouraged by the depth of God's great love.

Blessings - Gary & Pat

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


As our month in Sri Lanka comes to a close, there are many stories yet to tell.  During the next few weeks we plan to continue to share about our trip, giving praises to our Awesome Lord, and encouraging you to pray for the nation of Sri Lanka.

Village Eye Clinic Held  Outdoors - Praying for Healing
Beauty Surrounds Us