Friday, January 31, 2014

To The Glory of God!

Our time in Ghana is flying by very fast and the fruit that we have seen so far is wonderful!

We did our first two eye clinics and they went very well.  Seeing the expressions on people's faces when they were given glasses was priceless!   More then one exclaimed, "I can see clearly!"  We were also able to refer those with cataracts and glaucoma to an eye specialist who may operate on them!  People are giving their hearts to the Lord - so this is a great evangelistic tool. 

We have one more eye clinic, combined with a day of music and teaching, at a very large orphanage - then we can tally the results of how many received the Lord!

During this past Sunday evening service five people gave their hearts to the Lord!  On Wednesday evening another fifteen came to Jesus!  The Lord gave me a prophetic word for those having hearing problems in their right ear to come forward; six people came and were prayed for. We checked their hearing and Jehovah Rapha had healed each one!  There was another word for those that were not able to conceive children - four women came for prayer. For this praise report we will have to wait to hear from our contacts what happens with them.  But we are believing that the Lord who reveals will heal!

Thank you for all your prayers - lives are being touched and changed to the Glory of God!

Blessings - Gary and Pat


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Greetings from Ghana

Akwaaba! What a joy to hear the traditional Ghanaian welcome after our 24 hour journey. The trip was smooth and uneventful. We arrived safely with all our luggage, and were warmly greeted by our Ghanaian hosts Pastor Stephen and Pastor Sophia Apenteng.

The calendar is filled with opportunities to share the Word and the love of God.  In just the first week we have been on the radio six times, preached six services or prayer gatherings between the two of us, and had two days of eye clinics.

Ghana is a nation moving into the 21st century, while firmly rooted in a traditional way of life.  While the population is primarily Christian, they are eager to learn and experience more of God.  They love to worship and dance and praise His Name.  What a joyful experience that comes from the depths of their hearts.

Your prayers, love and support are such a strength to us. Thank you for being a part of this Mission to Ghana.

Medase! (Thank You in Twi)  Pat and Gary

      Sharing the Gospel of Jesus on Goodlife 105.5 FM Korforidua, Ghana, W Africa

         Eye Glass Clinic - Physical and Spiritual Sight

Monday, January 13, 2014


After months of planning, we'll soon find ourselves en route to Ghana West Africa.

Once there our itinerary is filled with crusades, conferences, church meetings, visits to orphanages and prisons, Bible School teaching and eye vision clinics.

If you missed our last post - check it out at: Eye Vision Clinics - December 17th Post

There is much to do and we so appreciate the loving, prayerful support we've received from so many.  Without this support system - there is no way we could successfully complete our mission.

Stay tuned - we'll post updates when we can.  Internet service is notoriously unreliable.  Praise God He is always reliable.

Blessings and love - Pat and Gary