Thursday, January 17, 2013


Is it me - or does time seem to be moving faster than ever?

Where did the days of 'we have plenty of time' go?

Thankfully, plane tickets have been purchased and rooms at the Christian Guest House booked. Our contacts in S.E. Asia are anxiously awaiting us and prayer and fasting have begun.

But ......
  •  I still have to get my last Hepatitis C shot
  • Clothes need to be bought for both Pat and I (old ones are getting tight!)
  • Visa pictures taken. Thank goodness for Visa on Arrival at the airports overseas. Instead of sending your passport away to the foreign embassy and wondering if you would ever see your passport again, you now can get your entry visa when you arrive at your destination.
  • Obtaining crisp, clean U.S. money.  No seriously, some countries we travel to do not have ATM's or banks for foreign exchange.  To exchange your money with a merchant it has to be PERFECT.  No creases, no tears, no fading of Benjamin Franklin's face.  Pat and I almost couldn't pay our hotel bill in one country because of a small tear in the corner of a $100 bill.  (Did I mention they don't take credit or debit cards in the entire country?)
  • Getting our house winterized and arranging for someone to watch it while we are gone  Thank God for Christian neighbors!  Oh, and our birds and plants to be given to someone for safe keeping.
  • And a million other things!! Last trip I forgot my glasses, can you believe that - so I had to get a pair made in Malaysia.
However, it is all worth it for the Kingdom of God and the souls that will be saved, healed, delivered and shown the love of God.

Can't wait to be on the plane heading to Thailand - that's when I know I'll be able to finally relax!

Catch you later - Gary

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