Saturday, January 25, 2014

Greetings from Ghana

Akwaaba! What a joy to hear the traditional Ghanaian welcome after our 24 hour journey. The trip was smooth and uneventful. We arrived safely with all our luggage, and were warmly greeted by our Ghanaian hosts Pastor Stephen and Pastor Sophia Apenteng.

The calendar is filled with opportunities to share the Word and the love of God.  In just the first week we have been on the radio six times, preached six services or prayer gatherings between the two of us, and had two days of eye clinics.

Ghana is a nation moving into the 21st century, while firmly rooted in a traditional way of life.  While the population is primarily Christian, they are eager to learn and experience more of God.  They love to worship and dance and praise His Name.  What a joyful experience that comes from the depths of their hearts.

Your prayers, love and support are such a strength to us. Thank you for being a part of this Mission to Ghana.

Medase! (Thank You in Twi)  Pat and Gary

      Sharing the Gospel of Jesus on Goodlife 105.5 FM Korforidua, Ghana, W Africa

         Eye Glass Clinic - Physical and Spiritual Sight


  1. Hey my brother and sister, You are now and will continue to be in our prayers. May the blood of Jesus continue to keep you in his perfect will and peace, xoxo
    Bro Aaron and family

  2. Got teary-eyed at these photos, especially the young girl getting fitted with glasses - remembering the amazement, going home wearing my first pair of glasses, at seeing all the things I didn't know I had been missing. What a wonderfully practical way to be the hands of Jesus. Love, Cyndy