Sunday, February 8, 2015


In January we shared how with your support we were able to help provide water filters to families in Cambodia.

Today we are excited to tell you about the first phase of delivery.

John and Sotey Yoder, our contacts with Reaching Kids International - Cambodia, reported: 
"Over the next few days, we'll have the privilege to distribute Rabbit Water filtration systems (made in Cambodia) to 69 families in two of the five villages we serve, thanks to Christ's provision through our generous friends and partners: Greater Works Unlimited out of Las Vegas, NV, USA; whose founders will be gracing us with their presence us next month. More info when we post the picture albums of the actual distributions."

Ready for delivery.
(inset) Water Filter in a typical Khmer home.

One water filter will provide a family clean water for drinking and cooking for about two years.  The system is simple - a ceramic filter, inside a plastic receptacle tank with a spigot and a lid. Rabbit Water Filters Instructions

Visitors typically bring a gift of fresh bread.
A treat the children especially enjoy.

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  1. So very exciting to be such practical hands and feet of Jesus.
    Looking forward to distribution pics.