Saturday, May 30, 2015


A friend reminded us that we have been back in America for two months - and he is still waiting to read a report on our week in Cambodia.

Here are my favorite images from this trip to Cambodia.  They seem to capture the simplicity of village life, and the satisfaction of helping to meet the most basic needs.

French baguettes are the standard gift when visiting
 village families. This young girl is making sure that
nothing comes between her and her treat.

We greeted this beautiful woman relaxing on her front steps after
Sunday's church service. You can see her new water filter over her
shoulder on the left.  On the right side is the kitchen area of her
small home.  Many homes in this village need better walls to survive
the rainy season.  For about $70 each - a home can be re-sided
with woven bamboo that will last 3 - 4 years. 

Contact us if you want to help financially to add walls to an existing home for $70.  Or for $425 rebuild a home from the ground up with a solid structure, tin roof, and bamboo walls. Plus a water filter!

Church service at Village 99 - under the one tree that offered
some shade!  We sang, shared the Word of God and prayed.
Wonderful fellowship with our Khmer brothers and sisters.
Song books and Bibles in the Khmer language were given to
the Church for all to share.  Thank you for your support that made
it possible for us to provide these materials.

Children are children all around the world.
A simple balloon animal brings joy.

For the Least of These, Pat and Gary
PS - more to come on Cambodia - soon - I promise.

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