Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Village of Ana

The villagers of Ana walk over 2 km  (1.2 miles) from the main road down into jungle dotted with modest, relatively new homes made primarily of hand fashioned brick or concrete.

Saturday night about 30 men, women and children waited for us.  In the crowded front room of the home, their praise rose to heaven, and the presence of almighty God filled the room.  Testimonies spoke of their simple, yet profound faith in this Jesus they serve.

Gary shared a Word from John 6:1-14, the story of feeding the 5,000.  The emphasis was on how God needs each person to fill their role in His kingdom work.
All of us joined in a prayer of renewed dedication to fully serve Him.  Followed by individual prayer for healing, blessing or  family situations.

Then a special treat was served with tea, as one of the woman had made and brought Sri Lankan Kokis as a thank offering. (Interestingly these are very similar to a sweet treat our Canadian Aunties made when we were kids)

Ended the day with a trip to our favorite local hopper shop.
Each day brings new adventures....thanks for sharing them with us ~ Pat

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