Saturday, September 1, 2018

Ready for India!

WOW!  The trip that started with buying airline tickets in July is finally about to begin.  We are just a few days away from leaving for India. Where does the time go?

Airline tickets have been purchased, hotel rooms booked, visas obtained and our itinerary set. Well to be honest, as set as can be.  Pat and I have experienced last minute itinerary changes more than once, but all the team members are ready for whatever unexpected changes might occur.

During August our church collected children's clothes and glasses for us to take on the trip. This proves that Meadows Fellowship is generous in giving - we literally had half our living room filled with bags of clothes!

Clothes were sorted by size, gender and age;  glasses were labeled and packaged by prescription strength; children's craft materials were procured. Then all of it was packed into suitcases ready for the Eye Clinic and Community Outreach Services. (Thank you energetic volunteers!)

We leave for India on Monday, September 10 and after 50 hours of traveling we will arrive in Siliguri, West Bengal, excited to start ministering  with the love of Jesus.

Thank you all for your support by praying, giving and words of encouragement.

Blessings - Gary
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