Saturday, October 6, 2018

Departures and Road Conditions

DISCLAIMER: Due to travelling, and sketchy internet, journal updates are not posted in real time.

Our second Sunday in India found us saying  farewell to Sarah and Cyndy.

Typical of the unpredictable vagaries of India, their scheduled flight from Bagdogra to Kolkata was moved forward,  which required them to head to the airport immediately after participating in the worship service.
Worship at The Master's Touch
Tears brimmed in many eyes as The Master's Touch Church prayed a blessing over their journey home. Hugs were given and received with hopeful promises of a return trip. 

Thankfully traffic was reasonable so Megha and I were able to drop them at the airport and be back at church to catch the end of Gary's message and prayer time.
Sharing the Word at The Master's Touch
As they made their way to Kolkata, we piled in the mini van for the 2 hour drive to Nagrakata, where I was privileged to share a message titled "Joy in the Journey".  I shared how focusing our hearts and lives on our relationship with Jesus equips us to minister to others from a pure, joyful stream. Our service for Jesus should flow from  love - rather than duty.

Plans for our first weekend of ministry and eye clinic outreach in the hill city of Kalimpong had been derailed by  heavy rains which caused mudslides in several areas.    The main road up to Kalimpong was blocked.  Even when it was partially cleared, with some detours, the normally 3 hour drive was taking a precarious 7+ hours. 

Sadly we cancelled plans for Kalimpong, regrouped and held an afternoon service in Nagrakata. The main route to Nagrakaya was also closed by a mudslide. The alternate route was bone-jarringly rough, and added about 30 minutes to the 2 hour drive.

By our second Sunday in India the main route to Nagrakata was mostly cleared  and passable with some careful maneuvering.  Check out the photos below for the residual mess and harrowing view down to the Teesta River.

Successful mission outreach requires extreme flexibility and a can-do attitude.  Remembering at all times that God has gone before us and He is not surprised. 

This truth applies to your life today. Wherever you find yourself, unexpected events in your life are opportunities to see God's powerful hand at work .

The Journey Continues ... Pat

Barely passable even after the mudslide was cleared

Railroad crossing

Worship at Nagrakata Church

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