Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Montana Reflections

Each return to Montana's Bitterroot Valley increases our sense of home and belonging.  There is a comfortable sense of knowing this place, and yet not knowing what new wonders await discovery.  Changeless - yet always changing.   Revealed - yet never fully known. 

Our recent visit was so encouraging.  We were able to reconnect with family, friends, and the beauty that is Montana.   The weather was perfect, the air was clear (no forest fires), we were well-fed, and well-loved.  We so appreciate the Pastors and churches that invited us to share the Word of God and what He is doing around the world - whether we can physically travel or not. Thank you to each of you!

Gary has been teaching on 'Living With Expectancy.'  Here are a couple of pithy quotes to whet your appetite:

'Expectancy is not wishful thinking or lustful desires.  It is based on God's Word and character.' Gary Richards

"Our asking, our thinking, our praying, are too small.  Our expectations are too limited." A.B. Simpson

 Here's a link to his message, as shared at Meadows Fellowship.  

There is an expectancy in our hearts.  We are praying and believing that we will be going overseas in the beginning of 2023.  Please agree with us in prayer as we seek the Lord for what that looks like and where He is sending us.

Your love, prayers and support is what makes this journey possible - we hope you will continue to pursue your Journey with God, with a Spirit of Expectancy.
Blessings -  Gary and Pat

Hungry Hearts at Youth Camp

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