Friday, January 27, 2023

Welcome Home to India

After 30 hours of airline flights and airport layovers, a hot shower and real bed await us in the capital city of Delhi, India. 

The sound track of India's capital city filters into our airport hotel room: the hum of nonstop traffic with constantly honking horns in a range of tones from high pitched taxis to the low throated blast of lorries (trucks); loudly animated conversations in Hindi, Bollywood ringtones, and the never ending sound of construction workers expanding the sprawl, all say - welcome to India. We are home.

We are literally half-way around the world, after flying from Phoenix to London, London to Delhi, India. One last flight will take us from Delhi to Bagdogra, West Bengal.

India is our second home and we enjoy delicious food from its many cultures.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Journey With God! With Grateful Hearts ~ Gary and Pat

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