Friday, March 8, 2024

Happy to be back in Sri Lanka

India makes a great base for us to travel to other parts of Asia. Flying to Colombo, Sri Lanka from Siliguri, West Bengal, India took us 2 short flights - a total of 8 hours with travel and layovers, and we are in the same time zone.  No jet lag! Yeah!!  (For those of you wondering, neither India nor Sri Lanka observes Daylight Savings Time)

Compare this to the last time we flew from Las Vegas to Sri Lanka – 4 flights and almost 40 hours travel time (including airport layovers), plus we crossed the international date line. The lack of sleep and 12+ hour time difference results in jetlag that takes 3-4 days to fully recover.

Outreaches are planned for the next three weekends.  Plans are to leave by 5 a.m. Saturday morning, drive 3 – 4 hours to the town where we will hold an eye clinic starting around 9 a.m.   Sunday morning there will be a revival church service.  Late Sunday we’ll drive back to Moratuwa where we are staying with our ministry partners.  It’s a joy to be  ministering together after almost 5 years.   

During the week we’ll spend time at Adara Sevana (Love Shelter), a school for the differently abled and share at a weekly healing meeting. 

Students who completed the week of training.

Gary's second week in South India was fruitful: imparting the Word of God to hungry hearts. He received several precious notes of gratitude from the students - sharing how their lives were impacted during the training sessions. Pat was blessed with several gifts and lots of love and prayers sent back with Gary.

Sunday Services:  This past Sunday, Gary and I shared at two different places.  I had a 2 hour taxi ride one way (with Sister Hannah my translator) to a small village called Nagrakata. (Taxis here are hired autos, quite reasonably priced)

Gary shared the Word at our home church in India. The people came hungry to meet with God.  He is always faithful to touch hearts and change lives. 

Raising up the Next Generation

What adventure in faith are you on at the moment?   Sharing our adventures reminds us that as followers of Jesus - every day of our life is an opportunity to share the love of Jesus - wherever you find yourself - with whoever you find yourself with.

Your love and prayers are so important - our hearts are encouraged with every email or message we get from you.

The journey continues ~ Pat

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