Wednesday, May 1, 2024

It's Just So Different

Early morning walks through the surrounding neighborhoods provide continual fascination.  It's a bit of a challenge to be up and out just after dawn; before the sun gets too high and the humidity makes it unbearable. While I do encounter a few fellow walkers, it's the closest to 'quiet' as it gets.

Its radically outside any comfort zone I ever had.  I stay observant and always feel safe, so don’t worry about that. 

Here are a few random observations that most of us don't see on a regular basis. (This assumes you live in a developed or first world nation, like the United States, Canada or parts of Europe.)

Trash is dumped in empty lots and occasionally burned along the edge of the road.

Cows. I know I keep mentioning the cows - but now they are calving and its cows and adorable newborn calves.    The ones I see on my walks have owners who move them to empty lots each day to graze.  (Which means dodging cow pies on the road)

There are small Hindu temples at many corners and junctions. People passing by stop for a moment to pay their respects to the enshrined deity before resuming their tasks.

Daily life spills out into the streets.  Especially in the poorer neighborhoods where houses are one or two rooms, an outdoor toilet, water is hauled from the faucet along the road. The public water supply is turned on at 7 am for a few hours each day.

This is life at it’s most basic.

Laundry is washed in buckets
and hung to dry
wherever there is room.

Transporting huge loads of goods by truck,
motorbike or balanced on a woman's head.

Ministry is also different.  As foreigners we try to keep a low profile by not openly sharing about Jesus in public places, only in private homes and at church.  Deliberately not being flashy or attracting more attention than our white skin already does.  We are careful about using social  media and not promoting ourselves.  It’s really all about Jesus anyway.

Christians face severe persecution in several India states. The Chief Minister of West Bengal, the state where we are based, fights for minorities, including minority religions, which has kept the persecution here to a minimum.  

While everything about life in India is so different than life in America or Canada, one thing is constant: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, forever.” Hebrews 13:8.   It’s why we’re here. It’s why we live. It is our purpose to share His love wherever we go.

May this truth encourage your heart today.  When it seems that everything in your life is changing - Jesus is eternally the same. 

The Journey Continues ~ Pat

It’s pre-monsoon or summer season.
Flowers are blooming profusely.
The food is always delicious.

There was a powerful anointing for freedom as we sang "Break Every Chain". (In both English and Nepali) The Word Holy Spirit directed me to share instructs us to keep our freedom.  May you be challenged as you listen to leave those chains on the ground.  Pat

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