Monday, March 25, 2013


Where ever there is darkness God will send light!  Where ever there are lies, God will bring truth!

In Part 1 we shared about journeying into nations where the government is hostile to the spreading of the Gospel of  Jesus Christ.

The second Access Restricted Nation we ministered in has been experiencing new freedom economically.  More importantly, we are eye witnesses to the new freedom coming to the nation spiritually.

Bibles and other evangelistic material are not readily available to the people of that nation. Receiving a supply of Bibles and other printed material that we brought in gave great joy to the Pastor and evangelists we met with. It was a privilege to minister the Word of God to them, and then pray for and encourage them in their service to the Lord.

What joy there was when we were taken to see a church that is under construction.  The government is allowing the church to be built because one of the local evangelists prayed for a paralyzed man that God miraculously healed!  Because of this miracle - the whole village is open to the message of Jesus Christ and a church was started.   Truth will prevail and darkness will leave!
Delivering The Good News

Thank You for being a vital part in bringing the Light and Truth of the Gospel to S.E. Asia!

Catch You Soon - Gary and Pat

Church Being Built

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