Sunday, March 10, 2013


View into Myanmar
The Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia is an area of beauty, history, violence, suffering and hope.  Warm hospitable people of various tribes populate the hill country, even as many migrate to cities desperate to escape the cycle of poverty and isolation.  False hope is offered through the illegal trade of opium.  The Hall of Opium  was a heart breaking education on the tragic history of the opium wars, and the illicit opium trade that has destroyed lives for centuries. In spite of Government eradication programs, illegal activity continues to grow, and will only slow when the demand lessens, and people are given other options to adequately support their families.

As we traveled in the nations of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, hope was evident in the faces of many who have received the love of Jesus.  Our team brought encouragement as we taught young adults and children; visited orphanages and homes; sharing the love of Jesus and a connection to 'the outside world.'  We saw first hand the daily struggles and challenges and heard their hearts' request to continually remember them in prayer.
MeKong River
Confluence of MeKong & Ruak


  1. Sounds like you are inspiring many of those young people abroad as well as those of us who read about your journey here! Thank you for your sweet examples! We will definately pray for you and those who have those daily struggles! Love ya!

    1. Hi Tamra, thank You very much! Your comments encourages Pat and I to continue to serve those less fortunate and obey the Lord's words in Mt. 25:36 - 40.

      Blessings - Gary and Pat