Thursday, July 18, 2013


Since coming back to the U.S. it has been a very busy and productive summer for both  Pat and I.

We have been taking Mission Training Classes to be able to perform eye exams in Third World countries!  

What an exciting opportunity to show the compassion of Jesus.  Not only will we be able to provide an essential need by helping many to see better physically; but more importantly it will give us access to help others receive their spiritual sight.  This is a great tool to preach the love of Jesus and bring souls into the Kingdom of Heaven.

When we return to S.E. Asia in the fall, we will be talking to our contacts about setting up Vision Clinics during the next visit.  There is still much work that needs to be done.  One of the most important aspects is having good local translators while giving the eye exams and also when the glasses are being given out - so the patient really understands what is happening, and their glasses fit correctly.  Then another translator, or local believer, will share with them how they can receive spiritual vision - through accepting Jesus as their Savior.

We even have a source that will supply all the glasses we need, for every type of prescription, at just $1.00 a pair! How awesome is that!  

The long-term goal is to find and train locals in doing the eye exams so that the work can be carried on without us being there.  

Please pray for Sri Lanka.  We have wonderful contacts there who Pat has ministered with.  They have had a church burned and many people hurt because of radical Hindus opposing  the spread of  the Gospel. Continue to pray for the pastors and evangelists who are risking their lives in bringing the Good News to a needy people.  Pray for healing for those that have been seriously injured; and salvation for those who did this.

Have a great rest of the Summer!  Will catch you later!

Blessings - Gary


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