Sunday, September 8, 2013

Refreshing Water

Guest Blogger – John Yoder – reports directly from Cambodia on September 2, 2013.

John and his wife Sotey,  along with their young children Jayme and Anna, live in Phnom Penh, ministering to the poorest of the poor through Reaching Kids International.

Thanks to your prayers, support, and gifts - Greater Works Unlimited is able to help change lives physically and spiritually.  Here's John's report:

New Water Filters for Twelve Families at the Rock Quarry Village

This was a busy week as we traveled to three villages in rural Cambodia where RKI has been serving since 2011; building homes and relationships with the kids, their families, and single adults as well. Lately our whole family has been going out, and the kids seem to be enjoying the time spent. We are so blessed to be here in Cambodia hanging out with such incredible folks week after week.

Today, among many other cool things we got to do during our Saturday outreach to the Phnom Baset rock quarry village, we were blessed to deliver new clean water filter systems to twelve families that hadn't received one from us yet, or had one that broke or was unusable from the past. This blessing was provided by Christ through the generosity of our friends Gary and Pat Richards through their ministry: Greater Works Unlimited. 

Gary and Pat have come to Cambodia twice, and besides funding new homes in other villages we serve, through their ministry they've provided several new homes in this community, and were here in person back in March to help (physically and financially) bring 65 residents to the ocean resort of Sihanoukville, for a treat our friends here still talk about.

See more photos of village outreach at:

Distributing Water Filters

Representatives from the families who
will now have clean drinking water

A simple system - results in clean water - better health and hygiene.

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