Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Homeward: Safely Arrived In Missoula, Montana

Finally arrived home just after 9 PM Tuesday evening, with no further travel excitement - yay! Got a decent most-of-a-night's sleep (thanks for the extra melatonin, sis!) and enjoyed a quiet day at home to re-acclimate, unpack, and square away a couple small loads of laundry. Everything feels slightly odd - the experience of being busily away in a whole other culture and suddenly being back seems a little unreal - perhaps akin to Dorothy artiving back in Kansas. Plus, the comparative quiet and the colder weather are a distinct contrast. I will actually have to wear socks and closed shoes tomorrow - the horror!
But physically I feel well, aside from an unexpected floaty, dizzy sensation throughout the day. I barely managed to resist the pull of an afternoon nap, so I should sleep easy tonight and be ready for work in the morning.

But now, it's time for another spot of tea, personally imported from the historic  Mackwoods Estate.
The Lemon Puffs are irresistible enough to be one of the few items I brought home for myself - er, I mean, to share with Tom. They're two exquisitely flaky butter crackers, slightly salted, and married with a light, not-too-sweet lemon icing. Yum!

On that lovely note I'll sign off. Cheerio! - Cyndy


  1. Yum!!! and did you say 'work in the morning?!' No rest for the weary:)

    Thank-you again for posting.

    1. And thank you for following our journey!
      I was back to work on Thursday - after waking up at 3:30 AM ! Fell asleep that nite on cozy sofa about 7 PM while reading and eating my little bowl of brown rice - literally woke up to realize my mouth was genteelly hanging open mid-chew! Friday was better :-)