Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tuesday In Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Today (whatever that is on your side of the world!), please join in a brief tour of our Tuesday in Moratuwa:

Morning chapel and exercise time at Adara Sevana, the school Deepthi and Layasing have here in Moratuwa for 'differently-abled' young people. There is nothing available for them in the regular schools, so without Adara Savana, which means 'Love Shelter', they would just sit at home and not learn and grow at all.

Lovely rooftop terrace views while we enjoy a cup of tea (to recuperate from all that exercise!)

Stop to see the resell shop that helps support Adara Savana - and I mean a literal stop just to see; we just opened the van door and said hello, as we still had to go to the bank, pharmacy, and produce stand, then stop to pick up lunch.

Takeaway fried rice and chicken on our balcony for lunch - yum!

Examining and cleaning 16 boxes of newly purchased eyeglasses, with a break for tea and lemon biscuits - I will miss tea time!

Since it was raining, we hopped in a 3-wheeler to dinner - too much fun! The swoosh of red on the right is a small bus, very close, in a small lane. 
The cook made Pat's egg hopper fresh on the little griddle cooking promontory out front of the shoppe.

A walk back in the dark - yes, with flashlights - capped the evening. 

Wednesday, we fast and prepare for an early evening service, which is kind of a weekly unity service attended by congregants from many different churches in the area. The early time frame still allows them plenty of time to attend the service at their home church. (Double-scoop servings are always delightful

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