Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Homeward: Tokyo, Japan, To Denver, Colorado, USA

Hooray for empty seats to sleep in and an engaging flight crew to entertain during a delay in Tokyo! And hooray for the Dreamliner, which pressurizes at 6,000 feet - significantly lower than most flights - which is apparently easier on the human body and thus should shorten my recovery back to Mountain time!

Clear skies coming into Denver, and a balmy 42 degrees F on the ground!
(Striking and massive historic photos along the walkways.)

Finally made it thru three rounds of US Customs/ Securiy. The queues were longer than Disneyworld, and not quite the same promise of fun at the end. 

A mechanical technicality sent us back to the gate in Tokyo Narita airport, thus departure ended up being 3 hours later, Thus, I miss my originally scheduled final flight home to Missoula, Montana.
BUT the good news is there's a 6:51 PM flight today to Missoula, and I'm on it! For this we are thankful, especially as flights to Missoula are of a rather limited selection.

In the meantime, enjoying my last travel meal - New Belgium Pub's house chili and roasted veggies, with bonus fresh fried potato chips - perfect! 

Now, for me, it's home again, home again, jiggety jig! 
Pat, Gary, and I will all be posting from here on out -  boots-on-the-ground updates from them and backward glances from me. Thanks for taking the time to step into our adventure!- Cyndy


  1. I have not been commenting, but i have been praying and enjoying travels with you through your posts. Thank-you so much! May God continue to bless and keep!

    You have some amazing photos!!

    1. Thanks Janet. It has been so fun to experience this trip through Cyndy's eyes.