Monday, February 8, 2016

Still Stateside - San Francisco, CA

Before we left the San Francisco airport this afternoon, Pat's health tracker app said her activity today consisted of over 12,000 steps in 90 minutes of walking and 6 of running. The running was to arrive at our connecting flight - 10 minutes after they'd finalized boarding. (To her credit, my big sis did not so much as cast a withering glance when I repeated - in all sincerity! - her earlier words, 'God is not surprised...'.)

Blessings on: Patsy G. for flight restructuring, Kincaid's for delectable water view dining, and the Doubletree Hilton for warm, yummy cookies and comfy beds. 

Good night, San Francisco.
Tomorrow we'll partake of your scenic charms until a mid-afternoon return to the airport for  our new overnite flight to Tokyo.

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