Monday, October 23, 2017

Last Day Treats: Curd and Treacle, and Mango Pie

Yesterday's return travels took us through an area where water buffalo are common and a regional food specialty is curd made from water buffalo milk. 
Much like a thick, smooth yoghurt but with a tasty tang unique to the milk source, it's set in shallow clay pots made for this purpose - and which often are repurposed as charming flower pots. (Too bad my one and only suitcase is already full...)
A drizzle of treacle completes the treat. Lucky me, everyone else was full so I got to finish up the pot! 

And to finish my stay, we had dinner at our hosts' home: coconut roti, pittu, deviled smoked fish, and mango pie made from fresh mangos from a tree in our Thambalagamuwa host's yard.
Tomorrow we leave to the airport at 3:30 AM for my 7 AM departure flight - always the bittersweet segment of any journey, as I'm sad to leave dear ones here, but looking forward to seeing dear ones at home.

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