Thursday, October 26, 2017

On Travel Food

Dear Dr. Dawn, 

If you are reading this, please cover your eyes and scroll down or up to a different post - unless you have absolution on offer. 
Because my confession is: In the roughly 11,000 air and land miles of the past couple weeks, I fell pretty hard off your prescribed No Dairy-Grains-Sweetener wagon. Yes, there were plenty of tasty vegetables and protein choices - which I gratefully and heartily enjoyed. But there were also warm croissants. With butter from sweet-eyed Sri Lankan cows. And mango pie. And those little traditional spiral pastries infused with honey. And not just ice cream - which I could have passed up - but gelato. It would have been decidedly impolite to rebuff the hospitably smiling flight attendant who handed it over without asking if I wanted any, right? 
And, as a Canadian, it goes against my inborn ethics to be impolite.  
Plus, even if she HAD asked if I wanted a micro-serving of frozen delight (in an elfin cup with a wee little spoon, no less!), I couldn't have LIED - particularly in my pseudo-missionary status - because I truthfully wanted it desperately enough to lay aside my handcrafted Sweet Peaks snobbery and fully live in the deliciously chilly moment presented.

So, now I hope you can understand why I could no more refuse the gelato (or creamy yoghurt, Biskoff cookies, and the stroopwaffle I saved for later...) than the swallows can NOT fly to San Juan Capistrano.
(And aren't they fortunate to not have their flight path fraught with dairy danger?!!)

But tomorrow is a new day ripe for new beginnings  - starting right after we meet the kids downtown at Sweet Peaks. (Anyone else in for a scoop of Candy Corn or Plum Cadamom?


Cyndy aka Your Prodigal Patient

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