Monday, October 23, 2017

On Packing

Well, my one carry on suitcase is locked and in the van, along with my personal bag. And contents have increased to include a lovely gift plaque and chest of tea, plus 30 small packs of pepper and cinnamon, and 100 packets of a tasty tincture called Samehan. 
So I guess I can say I've successfully achieved my packing goal to not check any bags, aside from the two allowed bags that will stay here along with the useful gifts and eyeglasses we brought to leave.

My husband makes me look like a  profligate travel packer. For a week's stay, two pairs of jeans, three t-shirts, and daily skivvies go into his duffel. And then, when doing laundry on our return home, he remarks  that he packed too much.

So, in that spirit, I've compiled my list of Things I Didn't Need: 
-Yoga pants, since Pat loaned me a Sri Lankan house dress (kind of like a mumu) which is great in the humidity 
-My favourite grey tshirt
-Stupid Peds purchased for the trip that, upon wearing, were not actually as low cut as advertised
-two tank tops
-One lightweight pair of just-in-case pants shoved in at the last minute
-full size bar of soap (a mini-bar would have sufficed as a back up)

For illustration, this is my suitcase coming from the USA

and going back.

Next time, I'll pack lighter and have more room for more tea!

Today I'm off to Bangkok, then tomorrow to Tokyo and through to Denver and Missoula.

Pat and Gary are prepping for services in Moratuwa and then on to the next eye clinics.

Bon voyage to moi!

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