Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Plans We Make

"We should make plans—counting on God to direct us." Proverbs 16:9 TLB

Eye clinics were scheduled for two villages where the people primarily work in a coconut plantation, husking coconuts.  They are paid a few rupees for each coconut they husk.

As preparations were being made, with a small tent being erected for shade, a radical Buddhist group called the BBS opposed the eye clinics, accusing the church of bribing people to convert to Christianity.

For safety, the clinics were relocated to another village about 30 minutes away.  Arrangements were made to transport the people on lorries (trucks).  Sadly it turned out that because they would need to be gone for several hours, their plantation manager would not give them leave from work.  Our prayer is that the opposition will die down, and an eye clinic can be held for them in the future. 

Friday and Saturday's clinics were still in the Negombo area, in the villages of Horogasmulla and Polwatta (which means coconut garden.  This particular village is so small it doesn't show up on Google Maps). The local Methodist churches organized and hosted the clinics. The Methodist Church of Sri Lanka has a 200 year history here, and retains a level of respect from villagers and officials. 

The villagers primarily work as potters.  Shaping and firing serviceable clay pots for flowers, water, then selling them to wholesalers.  At least 2 men came that drive commercial trucks.  We were glad to help them, and make the roads safer.

During two days, 237 people had their eyes examined; 207 received eye glasses.  All were prayed for and encouraged.  The broad smiles on their faces as they look through their new glasses and see clearly is a rich reward.

The lady in the middle runs a small shop and needed to be able to read the tiny writing on her product packages.

The two men are commercial truck drivers.  Without glasses, one could only read the 1st to lines of the chart.  Working with Commercial Truck Drivers for many years, I know how critical good eyesight is to them.

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing in Sri Lanka.

For the Least of These - we continue the journey.    Gary and Pat

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